VAT Consultancy, Bookkeeping, Accounting ERP for companies in UAE.

BISAN ERP Software

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Bisan Accounting / Financial Management Software developed by Bisan Systems Ltd. Bisan is a leading software trusted by more than 10,000 users across various industries and is a proven and certified functionality for both Accounting and Taxation.

ERP Services and Training

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that integrates all departments and functions across a business into a single system while still serving each departments’ specific needs. It is designed to help businesses make smarter decisions, serve their customers better, and work more efficiently overall by automating processes and workflows.

VAT Consultancy

VAT is a comprehensive framework that you cannot simply implement haphazardly. Thus, we provide comprehensive services of VAT Advisory services


Accurate management reporting and effective financial insights start from proper and timely bookkeeping. Whether you require a quick review, a new accounting system or to fully outsource your bookkeeping to us, our advisors can support you through a wide spectrum of functions.

Financial Statement

Our specialized team is very well equipped to handle the preparation of your Financial Statement Reports based on IFRS standards. Additionally, we can prepare your Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow, Statement of Owner Equity, and Disclosure Footnotes. Lastly, we can provide a full and thorough analysis of the statements based on Ratios.

We Provide the Best VAT Consultancy Services in UAE

1. VAT Training
Each of our advisors has a minimum of 10 years of Tax and industry-specific experience. We offer a 5-day workshop on VAT, providing basic, intermediate, and advanced training tailored to the different needs of our client’s staff and business activities.

2. VAT Business Registration
We initially guide the client, or act on their behalf, in the process of submitting the registration application to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Additionally, we deal with all registration process requirements till the issuance of the Taxable Person Registration Number (TRN) and the VAT registration certificate.

3. VAT Assessment
Assess the client’s VAT compliance requirements and direct the client on how to fulfill these requirements and avoid penalties.

4. VAT Bookkeeping
Assess and advise the VAT registered Taxable Person on the documents, books, reports, and records, and how they must be kept according to the Client’s business activities and the different UAE legislative requirements.

5. VAT Consultancy
Upon request, Themaar can provide the client with a professional opinion regarding any VAT related issue.

6. VAT Return Audit and Reporting
Guide the client or act on their behalf on the submission of the periodical VAT returns in the most appropriate way.

7. VAT Audit Procedure
Perform a pre-planned continuous audit on the client’s procedures and accounting transactions that are subject to VAT compliance, all in order to guide the client to a legal and compliant result.

8. VAT Tax Agent Representation
Represent the client before the FTA and assist them in the fulfillment of their Tax obligations and the exercise of their associated Tax right.

Why Themaar?

We can handle all your business requirements, including accounting and tax planning for your future business endeavors.
THEMAAR CONSULTANCY GROUP provides you with an inclusive accounting service tailored to fulfill the needs of your
business. At Themaar, we are devoted to providing high standard professional services and consultations in all aspects
pertaining to your company’s financial and business issues. All our services are delivered using the most up-to-date
approaches in information technology to ensure efficiency and reliability.

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