Bisan ERP Software


Bisan Accounting / Financial Management Software developed by Bisan Systems Ltd.

Bisan ERP Software

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Bisan Accounting / Financial Management Software developed by Bisan Systems Ltd. Bisan is a leading software trusted by more than 10,000 users across various industries and is a proven and certified functionality for both Accounting and Taxation.

Whether you would like to invest in an in-house Accounting/Taxation software, outsource your Tax/Accounting processes to Themaar or adjust your existing systems to cope with the changing regulations and best practices, our technology advisors have what it takes to deliver success efficiently and effectively.

Bisan Systems

  • Bisan provides businesses with Financial Management solution specifically designed to meet today‘s challenges
  • Bisan is a modular fully integrated system, all modules are seamlessly integrated with a single point of entry
  • Adaptable to your own business and industry needs
  • Web based solution, Platform independent with Online access
  • Multilingual, multicurrency, and multilevel file structure
  • 100% Secure access to real time information Swift data entry and reporting

Bisan Financial Management Software is a full fledged Taxation / Financial Management System that supports the full accounting cycle of a company. It has seven (7) key modules

  • Financial Core System (General Ledger)
  • Sales & Purchases
  • Inventory Management & Warehouses
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Budget Management
  • Project Accounting
  • Fixed Asset Management

Features, Payroll & Attendance Module

General Features

  • User friendly with easy to use interface
  • Data filtering & sorting capabilities
  • Comprehensive search functionality
  • Drill Down Functionality
  • Multi year accounting & reporting
  • Strong user access rights and station login security

Unique Features

  • Powerful multi-currency tracking & reporting
  • Truly multilingual
  • Document scanning & attachment option
  • Check & bank transfer forms printing
  • Full integration with hardware devices
  • Export import, HTML, Excel, Word, and XML
  • Full Audit Trail ( Who, When, What , Where)
  • Clone and Macro Recording capabilities to ease redundant data entry
  • API (Application Programming Interface ) for seamless integration with 3rd party solutions

Payroll & Attendance Module

  • Easy to use, yet accurate and reliable calculations
  • The system is designed in a flexible way to support different methods and formulas for calculating payroll, allowances, and deductions
  • Ability to:

–    Email pay slips

–    Export reports

–    Automatically generate Bank Transfers

–    Generate required reports

  • Payroll is fully integrated with GL
  • Cost allocation of salaries per project, department, branch, etc.
  • Employee details
  • Employee groups
  • Salaries calculations – Attendance / Fixed
  • Payroll calculations variables – user defined variables
  • A flexible and powerful approach similar to building formulas on spreadsheets
  • Salaries yearly increases percent or scale
  • Payroll tax forms
  • Pay slips are fully customisable
  • Working schedule
  • Attendance rules
  • Vacation handling and balances calculations
  • Hardware integration

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