ERP Services & Training

ERP Services & Training

Themaar provides 4 different methods of reaching your required solution. We provide:

ERP Requirement Assessment

  • Our IT department can evaluate & assess all types of ERPs based on an Accounting, VAT, and IT basis
  • With our experience with VAT rules & requirements based on FTA regulations, we cna provide As-Of Reports for any ERP and follow with that ERP to match it to the FTA requirements

ERP Training

  • Themaar Tax Consultancy has an exclusivity deal with an ERP software used by large corporations and organizations – such as The World Bank – and has dug deep into the MENA and European regions
  • What we aim to do is make sure our experts work for you based on our best practice approach to ensure your VAT needs are entirely met

ERP Implementation

  • We provide full implementation and case analysis specific to each client and mainly apply the client’s case they want presented through the ERP
  • Our service can extend to enhance the client’s workflow by adding approvals and regulations to maintain the internal control audit

     ERP Support


  • Our ERP team is based locally and can therefore provide support on-site, through email, and over the phone in English and Arabic

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